Benefits of Electric Garage Doors

Posted: March 1, 2021.

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Pondering whether to get an electric garage door? Wondering if it’s really worth it? Motorised garage doors are more than just a swish opening style – they also offer enhanced security, convenience and safety. In this article, we’ll run through the key benefits of electric garage doors and how they can make your life easier. 

Opening garage door with remote garage door controller in hand.

Suited for Those with Mobility Issues

Whether you’re elderly, recovering from an injury or have a long-term mobility issue, opening and closing manual garage doors can prove challenging. Switch to an automatic garage door instead, which opens at the touch of a button. This makes them a blessing for anyone who needs an easy-open solution that doesn’t require manual effort or strain. 

Swift and Convenient

The quick, convenient opening style of remote-controlled garage doors makes them a time-saving option for anyone on the go. You’ll be thanking your garage door remote when it’s chucking it down and you don’t want to venture outside your car to open the door, or similarly, if you’d rather not leave young children alone in the vehicle to raise the door. 

Enhanced Security

Electric garage doors tend to be more difficult for would-be thieves to crack into than their manual cousins. This makes them a wise choice for anyone with the question of security on their minds. Anyone can reap the rewards of better security, though it is particularly useful for business owners or anybody who stores high-value vehicles or equipment in their garage. 

Built-in Safety Features

Garage doors are heavy objects that can cause damage if the opening mechanisms are not kept in good shape. That’s where electric garage doors come into their own. Automatic models have an edge over traditional styles as they enjoy built-in safety features, namely sensors that can pick up when an object is below them. When it senses an object, its safety mechanism will kick in and prevent it from completing its closure. This protects the safety of children, adults, animals and vehicles alike. 

Highly Customisable

You’re not limited to just one style of automatic door. Materials, colours, textures and opening styles can all be customised to suit your property, creating a truly bespoke product that enhances your home and lifestyle. Whether you prefer warm woods or modern metals, or the traditional opening of a roller door over a quirky side-hinged, there are many options to choose from. 

Can I Upgrade My Garage Door to an Automatic?

If your current manual door is in good shape and you’re not keen to part with it, you’ll be pleased to hear that many manual doors can be upgraded to a motorised opening. Simply check with a trusted garage door expert who will be able to advise if your manual door qualifies – or whether you’re better off treating yourself to a brand new one. 

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