Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Posted: April 16, 2021.

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We all want to make the most of summer, now more than ever. Over the past year, gardens across the UK have become a place for socialisation, family bonding and sometimes even home offices. With everyone outside in their gardens for long stretches of time, it’s important to stay cool and comfortable this summer – and retractable awnings are a clever way of achieving this. In this article, we’ll take you through how the benefits of retractable awnings can keep your garden cool, comfortable and welcoming. 

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Creates usable outdoor living space 

Retractable awnings roll out from your house to provide elegant cover for a patio, decking zone or sitting area. This is a superb way of creating an extra usable living space outdoors – a special ‘room’ outside the house, if you like – by providing a comfortable zone which enjoys protection, shade and comfort from all weathers. 

Keeps everyone cool and comfortable 

Kick back and relax, even in the highest of temperatures. Awnings extend out from the house and provide marvellous shade for the sitting or dining area next to your home. This way, everyone stays comfortable and protected from the glare of the sun’s rays, including adults, children and family pets. Retractable awnings are therefore a key part of garden design to give everyone a place to cool off while still enjoying the outdoors. 

Provides shelter during summer showers

The UK is no stranger to rain, and even those hot summer evenings can experience an unexpected downpour. Awnings will keep you shielded from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your garden come rain or shine. 

Complements your personal style 

Awnings are available in a varied choice of colours and patterns to suit your style. Whether you want to match your exterior paintwork or complement your plantlife, there is the flexibility to choose an awning that blends seamlessly into your existing garden design. 

Protects your garden furniture 

Over time, your garden furniture may become bleached or damaged by direct sunlight. Awnings protect outdoor furniture from the  sun’s harsh rays, giving your furniture an extra few years of quality and beauty. 

Cools down interior spaces 

It’s not just your outdoor space that benefits from awnings – because they extend out from the house, and are often positioned next to French or patio doors, they provide shade for your interior spaces, too. And in the height of summer, every small thing helps to keep your home cool and airy.

In summary

So whether your garden is a place to wine and dine, or serves as an al-fresco home office, retractable awnings can help take its beauty and functionality to the next level. 

Make outdoor living easy with retractable awnings from Shutter Spec Security. We supply, install and repair a wide array of stunning awnings for gardens across Aylesbury, Oxford and Thame. With a variety of patterns and colours available, you’re sure to find something that suits your personal aesthetic. Simply talk to our friendly team to discover more. 

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