How To Clean the Awning on Your Home

Posted: February 17, 2023.

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Awnings are a fantastic addition to any property and can provide ample shade and shelter all year round. During the summer, your awning will likely be in constant use as it provides a simple way to maximise your outside space. Therefore, your awning may require some extra care and attention during these warmer months. Not only does regular cleaning improve appearance, but it should keep your awning in a good condition for many years to come. But what is the best way to clean your awning without damaging it? Here at Shutter Spec, we’ve written this guide detailing the best method.




The process of cleaning your awning is very simple and doesn’t require any specialist equipment; you should have most of these items already lying around your home. Ensure you have all of the below equipment before embarking on a clean-up of your awning:


  • Ladder
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Large bucket
  • Hose
  • Soft cloth
  • Mild soap or laundry detergent
  • Broom

The Method

During the height of summer, you should be cleaning your awning every few weeks. This will remove dirt and debris before it sets into the fabric and causes permanent damage. The method is as follows:

  • Prepare the cleaning solution

In a bucket, mix lukewarm water and soap; most mild soaps and laundry detergents should be suitable. However, you should always perform a patch test of your cleaning solution to ensure it is compatible with your awning material and won’t cause the colour to run. Ensure not to use any soap with harsh chemicals as this may damage the fabric.

  • Brush all debris off the awning

Set up your ladder and ensure it is at an appropriate height that leaves your awning easily within reach. Make certain that your awning is fully extended and then use a broom to brush all of the debris away such as dried mud, leaves and cobwebs. If your awning is particularly dirty, you may need to rinse it down with a hose.

  • Scrub your awning

Dip your brush into the cleaning solution and start to scrub at your awning in a circular motion. You should ensure that your brush is soft-bristled; stiff-bristled brushes can be too abrasive and damage the fabric. Once the worst of the stains are off, you can use a soft cloth to wipe at the rest of the awning.

  • Rinse off the awning

Once you’ve finished cleaning the awning, use your hose to rinse off the soapy mixture. If you don’t have a hose available, simply use a bucket of clean water. 

  • Let your awning dry

Your awning should be completely dry before you retract it; should any water or moisture be left, you risk mould growing and rust forming. It’s best to allow the material to dry naturally, so a warm summer day is the best time to carry out your cleaning.


Once your awning has been cleaned, it is a good idea to treat it with a waterproof spray. This will refresh the water-repellent layer and offer extra protection against rust and mould. This spray can be purchased at most home-improvement retailers; however, if you’d like specific advice on the best products to use, then contact your awning supplier. 

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