How to Prevent Garage Door Rust

Posted: December 7, 2023.

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With temperatures beginning to plummet and poor weather picking up, you may have noticed rust developing on your garage door. Your garage door is vital for protecting your property, both from would-be intruders and inclement weather. Therefore, it’s crucial that it remains in top condition, without any rust impacting its functionality. 


But how do you prevent garage door rust? And if your garage door has already rusted, can this be removed? The team here at Shutter Spec Security is here to help with this comprehensive guide.


What causes garage door rust?


Rust is the colloquial name for a very common compound: iron oxide. Iron oxide is a combination of oxygen, water and iron that can cause corrosion – this is evident in any reddish-brown patches you may have noticed on your door. But what causes garage door rust?


  • Bad weather: Rust is formed when iron is exposed to moisture over a prolonged period. As the UK is renowned for its inclement weather, your garage door will be exposed to rain on a regular basis, which can cause rust to quickly develop.
  • Dirt: Not only does dirt make your garage door look unsightly, but it can also accelerate the rusting process. Dirt retains the water that rust needs to thrive – meaning the dirtier your garage door, the faster rust will form.
  • Lack of maintenance: Regular garage door maintenance is a preventative measure that can stop rust in its tracks. By neglecting maintenance work, you’re allowing garage door rust to develop unimpeded.
  • Poor quality materials: Whilst all metal garage doors can be susceptible to rust, some are more vulnerable than others. If your garage door is made of poor-quality, thin material, it will rust at a much faster rate than a thicker metal door.
  • Location: Saltwater is significantly more corrosive than freshwater; this means that if you live in a coastal region, the salty ocean air will likely corrode your garage door much more quickly than at an inland property.

How to prevent rust

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. By stopping rust from appearing in the first place, you will likely save yourself time, money and effort later down the line. There are several steps you can take to prevent garage door rust from developing:

  • Regular cleaning: To prevent rust, you should remove any dirt that has accumulated on your garage door. Mix a mild detergent with warm water and use a cloth or soft-bristled brush to gently get rid of any grime.
  • Oil all garage door joints: The metal tracks, rollers and springs of your garage door can be especially vulnerable to rust, so it’s important to provide these components with some protection. Apply a garage door lubricant, ideally a lithium-based grease, to the metal to offer some extra moisture resistance.
  • Schedule maintenance: By arranging for regular garage door maintenance from a trusted company like Shutter Spec, you can ensure your garage door is always in top condition and functioning as it should be.
  • Opt for a high-quality garage door replacement: Some garage doors will resist rust faster than others. If you’d like to opt for a high-quality garage door replacement that is sure to last for years to come, the team at Shutter Spec can help.

How to remove rust from your garage door

If our advice has come too late and rust has already developed on your garage door, whilst you can’t reverse the damage completely, there are a number of ways you can remove the worst of it.*

Soak a cloth in some white vinegar and give your garage door a thorough wipe-down; this dissolves the oxide in the rust and leaves behind water-soluble salt. Allow this to sit for a while, and then scour the door with a steel wool pad. If the rust has left any holes behind, you should fill these in using a body filler and then file these areas with sandpaper once this has dried. Then, simply wash the door down with a mild detergent mix and wipe it with a dry cloth.

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution for preventing rust, it may also be a good idea to apply some rust-resistant paint.

*Every garage door is different. Always consult a garage door professional to check which method and materials are best suited for your door.


Have you noticed rust developing on your garage door in Oxford, Aylesbury, Thame, Reading, Newbury, Basingstoke or beyond? The team at Shutter Spec Security can help by providing garage door maintenance that is sure to keep your door in top condition. If the rust damage is too advanced, we can also provide a high-quality garage door replacement that is sure to stand the test of time.

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