Insulated vs Non-insulated Garage Doors

Posted: October 18, 2022.

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Are you thinking of replacing your garage door and struggling to know where to begin? There are many different factors to consider when choosing your new garage door and one that is especially important to consider in the current energy crisis, is insulation. So, is an insulated garage door really worth it, and how does it compare to its non-insulated counterpart? The team at Shutter Spec is here to help explain so you can make an informed decision!

What is an insulated garage door?

An insulated garage door usually comprises of two panels that are filled with an insulating material. The insulation acts as a buffer and protects the inside of the garage from external temperatures. By contrast, non-insulated garage doors only consist of a single layer of metal or wood, offering little in the way of a barrier against the elements.

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What are the advantages of an insulated garage door?

One of the major advantages of having an insulated garage door, especially in today’s climate, is that it increases energy efficiency; this is vital if your garage is attached to your home.

Garages aren’t typically considered to be living spaces, so they aren’t bound to usual construction standards. As a result, more gaps and air leakages can occur. This can lead to cold air escaping and infiltrating your home, particularly into rooms adjoining or above the garage. Insulation is key to preventing this, which in turn improves the comfort of the space. This is especially handy if your garage is multi-purpose and used for more than storage; it means the space can be used as an additional living area, no matter the outside temperature.

Insulation improves the durability of your door and gives it more impact resistance. Metal doors are more prone to dents, and using insulation provides extra protection. Insulating your door can also lead to a quieter and smoother operation, causing less disturbance to the rest of your household when the garage is in use. Additionally, the sound absorbency of insulation means you can freely use power tools and other noisy equipment in your garage, without upsetting the neighbours!

An insulated garage door can also improve the value of your home. It may be a prudent investment if you’re considering putting your home on the market, as it reduces energy costs and means the space has maximum usability. 

How do non-insulated garage doors compare?

Non-insulated garage doors are a more affordable option, however does cheaper mean better? Their single layer means that they are much more likely to let in cold air and, during these upcoming winter months, that could lead to an increase in your heating bills. However, if you have a detached garage or live in a milder climate, they may be a more worthwhile expenditure.

Is it worth it?

Generally, an insulated garage door is the best option for your home. The positives of insulated garage doors are clear and although they are an investment, the benefits they provide in the long run far outweigh the cost. Shutter Spec Security is a leading garage door supplier for the region of Oxford, Aylesbury, Thame, Reading, Newbury and Basingstoke. We offer a huge range of market-leading garage doors, and you can be sure we have something to suit everyone’s needs. Not sure what you want? With over 20 years of combined experience, you can rely on our expert technicians for helpful advice and support throughout the whole process. For a no-obligation quote or to speak to one of our friendly team members, contact us today!

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