Guide to Garage Door Security

Posted: April 11, 2022.

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These days, many homeowners think outside the box when it comes to the way they use their garage space. Traditionally a place to store cars, garages are now often transformed into workshops, storage, gyms, extra living space and much more – there’s a long list of options afforded to you.  

While this additional space is a major benefit, the items kept inside garages make them a magnet for opportunistic thieves. With many homeowners often overlooking the security of their garage, burglars see this as a sure-fire way to steal some valuable items and potentially even gain access into the home. 

Take a look at these simple ways to improve your garage door security so you can keep your property safe against criminal activity.

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Lights, camera – action

Security cameras and their warning signs are a big deterrent for burglars – more often than not, the thought of being identified from camera footage is enough to stop them from continuing any criminal behaviour. There are a variety of systems available, from motion-activated to smart home systems, so you can choose which design is most suitable for your property. 

Installing motion-activated lighting systems around your garage will illuminate the area and expose any intruders. This is another effective measure to deter them from trespassing onto your property.

Keep your garage door remote just that – remote!

By leaving your garage door opener in a visible or easily accessible location, you may as well hand them over to burglars targeting your property. Keep the remote stored in a safe, secure place away from your garage or car – perhaps you can attach it to your main set of keys or purse/wallet.

Lock the connecting door

Many garages feature a door that connects it to the house or garden for added convenience. By failing to have the correct locking system on this door or leaving it unlocked, you are leaving your home exposed to burglars who can walk right into your home via access through the garage. 

Address any repairs immediately

Any issues with your garage door present an ideal opportunity for burglars to break into the garage; they provide a weak spot for intruders to gain access to the contents of your garage without needing to make much of an effort. 

If you have noticed any issues with your garage door, you must make sure they are quickly addressed by a professional and rectified before they escalate into major, costly problems. From faulty mechanisms to loud grinding sounds, you must pay attention to anything unusual to protect the structural integrity of the garage door and make sure it stays in top working condition. 

Having your garage door serviced by a professional will ensure a quick diagnosis of any issues and a swift resolution to get them repaired. 

Secure your garage door

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