Top tips for maintaining your garage door in the winter

Posted: October 28, 2021.

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Winter is coming

As autumn leaves blanket pathways and the temperature starts to drop, there’s no better time than now to winter proof your garage. Whether you use your garage as a safe place to keep your car, to store items or as extra living space, checking the condition of your garage door now will ensure it can withstand the elements during the winter season, whatever the weather has to throw at it.

Overlooking this can increase the risk of your garage falling victim to the wind, snow and cold temperatures, causing you to foot the bill for a new door, along with the items inside your garage. 

Don’t pay the price of a broken garage door this winter – read on to discover our simple tips on how you can prepare your garage door for the colder season. Just remember to: look, listen and protect.


Inspect the rollers

It’s important to note that the rollers on your garage door should be checked at least twice a year as standard. Careful inspection of the rollers must be scheduled prior to the winter season to look for any cracks or chips. If you spot any damage, you must arrange for the rollers to be replaced immediately to ensure the garage door moves smoothly and safely.

Check the weather seal and stripping

Typically made from flexible materials such as rubber or vinyl, the weather stripping and sealant is attached at the top, bottom and sides of the door to prevent wind, water and debris from making its way into your garage and damaging its contents. If this is broken or worn, it’s time for a replacement.

Check for loose or broken cables 

Any loose or broken cables can indicate something more serious with your garage door, potentially signalling a problem with the track or balance. If you spot any damaged cables, you must contact a garage door professional immediately and refrain from using the door until it has been repaired.

Assess the balance

The job of an opener on an automated garage door is not to lift the door, but to move one which is properly balanced. If the balance of your garage door is off-kilter, it can put the door opener under great strain which will lead to it being replaced sooner than intended. 

Follow these three simple steps to test your door’s balance:

  1. Start by closing the door from inside the garage – the door must be fully closed, otherwise you risk it crashing down if it is not properly balanced. 
  2. Detach the door from the opener using the release cord.
  3. Lift the garage door halfway and carefully let go – if the door stays in the middle position without moving up or down, then it is properly balanced. However, if it closes or opens abruptly, then it is unbalanced and must be repaired by a qualified professional.


Listen out for any strange or new noises

When using your garage door, have a listen for any new or strange noises, such as creaking, popping, scraping or thudding. While it might seem like nothing, these sounds suggest something is wrong with the parts of the door which will need addressing as quickly as possible.


Wipe away any dirt 

The adverse weather conditions in the latter part of the year can cause any dirt stuck in the door to absorb moisture and freeze, making it very stiff to open and shut as a result. A quick clean of the door, track and rollers will eliminate any dirt and allow it to operate efficiently and safely.

Oil all moving parts 

The drop in temperature can cause the moving parts of a garage door – such as the rollers, hinges and springs – to become cold and jam. Simply apply oil to these areas of the door to lubricate the parts and keep them running smoothly, making sure to wipe away any excess oil as you go. 

Tighten any loose parts

Regular use of the garage door can cause the brackets and bolts to loosen over time, so a quick tighten will see them performing as they should. If you notice that they loosen again shortly after you have tightened them, they may have become stripped or rusted and will need replacing.

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